How to set a Run

First pick a location
As the hare, you are responsible for picking a location to start (OUT trail) and end (IN trail), planning a water stop if you wish to have one, and laying the trail in between. As much as possible, ensure that the location is “dog friendly” e.g. away from road traffic, no broken glass on ground, avoid muddy/tainted water, etc. Ensure there is sufficient parking for 25 ? 30 cars and the circle location is within easy reach from parking area. Avoid streets and residential areas if possible. You need to notify the On-Sec at least 3 weeks before, if not earlier, of the location.

The Objective
The objective is to provide 30-50 humans with 30-40 dogs about 50 minutes of interesting running over varied terrain, with the entire pack finishing within 10 minutes of each other. You want to lay a trail that will keep the pack together, slowing down the front running bastards (FRBs) and allowing the slower runners an opportunity to catch up. A typical Dash is around 50 minutes, as opposed to a normal hash at one hour.

Before Run Day
Plan and recce the run in advance. Number of recces is up to you, depending on how well you know the area you’ve picked. Check whether permission needs to be seeked for use of any part of the trail (ie parks, gardens, kampongs etc)

Some Dos and Don’ts
* Don’t lay a trail across a busy road. If road crossing is essential, make use of bridges or traffic lights. Mark trail clearly and mark “Road Ahead” in chalk well in advance. * Don’t lay a trail across a golf course * Don’t lay a trail ACROSS graves. Give due respect. * Do use jungle areas (grealy encouraged), but no swimming in reservoirs. You run the risk of a $1000 fine per person?and then there are the crocs? * Do identify someone to ‘sweep’ the trail for slower runners and to break the checks if you as the hare do not intend to do it yourself.

Run Day – Laying The Trail
* Mark your run site with the Hash signs. * Mark the beginning of the OUT trail clearly. * Give yourself enough time to finish laying the trail so that you are back at the run site before the start of the run. * Where possible, use flour and chalk to lay the trail, keeping paper to a minimum. * Keep your IN and OUT trails well separated to avoid eager over-achievers stumbling on your HOME trails while checking the OUT trail. If the IN and OUT trails are close to each other, lay the HOME trail half-an-hour AFTER the start of the run to ensure the pack is not nearby. Ideally, your run will describe a circle. * An abundance of loops and checks will keep everyone together!

The purpose of checks is to allow the back of the pack to catch up with the front-runners. Anticipate at least 4-6 checks per run.

There are 3 kinds of CHECKS:
1.   T-CHECK (sometimes called BACK CHECK). A T-CHECK means go back to the last area of trail and check for another intersection.
2.   CIRCLE CHECK means the trail would continue further on, in any direction.
3.   HOLD CHECK means stop at this point and wait for the whloe pack to regroup before resuming the run. This check is sometimes placed at a water stop.

Marking Checks – Indicate a CHECK clearly with a large T (for T-CHECK), or a circle (for CIRCLE CHECK), or a circle with an H in it for HOLD CHECK. Mark it in flour, chalk and/or paper. The trail should re-start no more then 100 meters from the CHECK.
False Trails – FALSE TRAILS end without a burst, the trail just fades out. A FALSE TRAIL means to go back to the last check and start looking again. FALSE TRAILS should not exceed 100 meters.
Loops – A more experienced hare would sometimes lay loops for FRBs to run around while sending the slower runners directly across to catch up. This further helps the pack to keep together.

* No CHECKS should be laid within a half-mile of the finish.
* Distance - a final walk around the route averages about 1 3/4 hours for a 4-5 mile/6Km /50 minute run.
* Before the pack starts off, inform the GM of what you’ve laid the run with ie flour/chalk/paper, if there are road crossings or any thing else that might pose to be hazardous eg snake sitings, treacherous ground etc.

Circle Snacks
It is also the hare’s responsibilty to provide the snacks for the day. Choose from anything you wish, homemade or bought, fingerfood eg pastries, sandwiches, pizza, noodles, chips etc. You will be reimbursed up to S$50. If you need help with this, just approach anyone from the committee.

Please Note

  • Guest $25 Beer, $20 No Beer
  • The Run will most likely be in the Jungle. It could be muddy, shiggy and sweaty.
  • Wear proper outdoor attire for your safety, especially running shoes with good grip. Long socks or leggings are a good idea.
  • Bring water for your dog. Encourage him/her to go into water on the Run.
  • You are responsible for your dog(s). Keep your dog on leash and always follow instructions from the hare.
  • Bring a change of clothes and water to freshen up.
  • DASH is an adult Run. Kids may come if are they are 12+ years old or can pass for a 12 year old. We do not want a dog biting a child.