Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a dog, may I come on the run?
All adults (age 18+) are welcome to run with the DASH regardless of if they have a dog.

Do the dogs get along?
Yes, quite well indeed. The dogs generally get along as the DASH usually meet in “neutral” territory. It is pretty amazing to see the variety of breeds come together, eg. from a tiny poodle to a large ridgeback, all set of in a pack. There might be an occasional growl and snap among one or two dogs, but usually this is kept well under control.

How do I sign up to be a hare?
Please contact the Grand Master or any member of the committee for more information on hareing and to sign up to hare. If you have little or no experience hareing, we will be glad to pair you up with a more experienced hare. Also, you have the option of hareing with a friend.

You mentioned that the club is open to adults age 18+, why do I see teenagers on the run?
The SK9H3 is an adult hashing club. However, we do make a special exemption for members only to come on the run with their teenage children (strictly 13+). They have to be signed in by their parents as guests. Under no circumstances are children age 12 and below be allowed on the run, or stay at the runsite during or after the run, for safety purposes.

How to run in a hash/dash?
It is every Hasher’s responsibility to call out the status of the trail.
“ON ON/ON WooF!” – When on trail, shout “ON ON” every 100 meters or so. There should be a chain of “ON ONs” being called all the way down the line of runners.
Do not call “ON ON” unless you are on trail. Do not call “ON ON” when shortcutting.
Call out “CHECK” at a check. You might even want to specify if it is a “T-CHECK” or a “CIRCLE CHECK”. Fan out and look for the new trail and call. If you hear “Are you?” shout “CHECKING” in reply until you find the trail. The appropriate response when the trail is found would then be “ON ON”.
Only ‘dogs are allowed to break’ the checks, so if you don’t have a dog with you, call “NEED A DOG!”
Close Checks – If you locate the direction of the T or circle check, CLOSE or BREAK the CHECK with a directional marker of paper/flour/chalk. The sweeping Hare should also facilitate this.

Car Keys
Keys (collected by the Hares at beginning of the run) are the only means of checking that everyone returned safely. All Hashers are responsible for any passengers in their car. If you arrive by taxi, be sure someone knows you are running. Do not turn back from a run without informing someone, you may be thought lost, and we’ll have to set the bloodhounds out on you.

Please Note

  • Guest $25 Beer, $20 No Beer
  • The Run will most likely be in the Jungle. It could be muddy, shiggy and sweaty.
  • Wear proper outdoor attire for your safety, especially running shoes with good grip. Long socks or leggings are a good idea.
  • Bring water for your dog. Encourage him/her to go into water on the Run.
  • You are responsible for your dog(s). Keep your dog on leash and always follow instructions from the hare.
  • Bring a change of clothes and water to freshen up.
  • DASH is an adult Run. Kids may come if are they are 12+ years old or can pass for a 12 year old. We do not want a dog biting a child.