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Guidelines when setting a run in Singapore's Nature Reserves and Parks

These guidelines have been agreed on by all Hash Chapters in Singapore in consultation with National Parks.

We will keep you updated on any changes. Thanks for your understanding!

  1. Hares must give at least 3 weeks notice to the GM's if intending to set a run in a Nature Reserve.
  2. The GM's are responsible for notifying National Parks of an intended run in their Reserves at least 2 weeks in advance, Individual members are not to have contact with National Parks.
  3. Only toilet paper is allowed at the Nature Reserves. Flour and chalk are not to be used under any circumstances.
  4. Paper should be laid conservatively and inconspicuously to the general public
  5. Hares are responsible to clear up the paper by the next day or the sweeper is to clear up the trail. (this is to be done irrespective of where the run is laid)
  6. Stick to the existing tracks (i.e. those clearly marked by the Npark) if you are laying runs in the Nature Reserves.
  7. Strictly NO CHOPPING of plants in the Nature Reserves
  8. No Creating or cutting a new path in the Nature Reserves
  9. No arrows to be drawn on the roads or anywhere else in the nature Reserves.
  10. Hares are accountable for their runs and if in the event a fine is imposed the hares will have to bear the cost. These fines are significant. (up to $500) Repeat offences will lead to even heavier fines and result in that Hash Chapter being banned from running in Nature Reserves for 6 months.
  11. Outside the Nature Reserves, use flour only on the ground and not on tree trunks..
  12. Labrador park, Sungei Buloh, Kent Ridge Park and Mount Faber are also managed by the Nparks, so be mindful when setting runs there.
  13. Place mouse over image to view maps of the Central Catchment areas.